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Genuine Car CD players and car stereo

If you are after genuine factory fitted car CD players and car Stereo at a fraction of main dealer costs then simply browse through our website by selecting your vehicle manufacturer from below.

We stock many different factory fitted car CD players and Radio Cassette Players. Most modern vehicles now come equipped with MP3 as a standard feature to the car CD player which allows a lot more songs to be played off a single CD.

As well as car stereo systems we also sell genuine car door speakers and tweeters which would have been factory fitted to the vehicle.


Replacing a car stereo and car CD players

Standard factory fitted car CD players require car stereo removal pins in order to remove the car stereo from the vehicle. The radio removal tool or key is different for some car manufacturers and also depends if the car stereo or CD player you are removing is single din or double din.

Once you have the correct radio removal tool for your car stereo it is just a case of inserting it in to the small slots which are found at the front of the car stereo and pressing in till they are locked in, usually you should see two slots on each side of the car stereo as you look at it from the front. Once the radio removal tool is pressed in the radio should pull out, sometimes you may need to press the radio removal pins towards each other. At the rear of the car stereo a few connectors are found plugged in which relate to car speakers and power as well as the radio antenna aerial. On some car dashboards the removal process can be slightly tricky as the complete car stereo surround panel needs to be removed in order to access the screws which might be holding the stereo in place.

This is commonly seen on Toyota and German vehicles.

If you do not have the time, most car stereo and audio shops can do a fitting service at a reasonable price.

Find a car CD Player

Our stock of CD Players and car audio equipment and accessories is for ever increasing as we see more vehicles arriving at our car breakers facility awaiting to be dismantled for parts. If the CD player you are after is not currently advertised on our website please email us using our 100% FREE enquiry form and we will contact you with the cheapest price for any CD Player and car parts you might need. We also stock car roof aerials for most makes and models of vehicles.